39 years of Toyota Trucks

2006 Toyota Tacoma
Hi There , after 39 years I'm still driving Toyota trucks a. Started off with a 1976 SR5 P/U drove it till 1982 and trader up to a 82 4X4 we just loved the little 82 so much I drove it for 12 years before moving up to a 1994 SR5-V6 ex cab . Another great truck we drove this truck everywhere from BC across Canada to St John's NFL down through New York west to Seattle WA . Also From BC To Inuvik NWT and home pus hauling dirt and rock and kids to sports it was hard to see this one go in for a trade in but it was time after 13 years we mover up to our current truck a 2006 Tacoma SR5 TRD 4L V6 a. This truck is even better and tows our new RV . The 06 has already been to the NWT and there's more to come.