The proud owner of a beautiful Rav4

2016 Toyota Rav4
Hello Darren,

Here I am, the proud owner of a beautiful, what looks like, a brand New! Rav4. I am absolutely delighted with it and I just got it home this afternoon.
Thank you for fitting me with the best car I have ever had! You knew what I wanted, and you did the utmost to find another one for me. Isn't it amazing how that worked out.

I can tell you that there is a God in Heaven looking after me and you! and a husband who cares and gives me this for my birthday! I never thought I would be getting a car when I am 75 years old!

I hope this blesses you and you are encouraged with the gift you have of matching cars to people.
Hope you are having a Great Celebration of your son's graduation.

Many thanks,