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2011 Scion xB
I purchased a Scion xB in March of this year. It already has almost 5000km on it and has been great! It is fun to drive and looks cool too. Many other drivers take a second look to see what it is. I have the 5 speed manual transmission and I am happy...
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2008 Toyota RAV4
Great car & enjoy driving it. Thank you Toyota!
2007 Toyota Corolla
I love my Toyota. It's the best I could ever wish for. Reliable, comfortable, cheap on gas and easy to drive.
I've been driving it for almost 4 years and will be always a good friend to it.
2008 Toyota Yaris
The Toyota Yaris may be small, but is it? I own a white 2008 Toyota Yaris Hatchback and could never ask for anything more. I must admit that the horse power to this baby isn't that great, but it does its job. It out lasted my boyfriend's Vo...
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2010 Toyota Highlander
A very nice smooth and quiet ride. It's perfect for my family of 4 on our long road trip vacations. Ample cargo room and leg space - no more complaints of being cramped. Ample room on the V6 up the mountains and the downhill control helps too...
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2007 Toyota Camry
Camry with B package, nice engine alloy wheels , power seats , very smooth. I love it.
2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid
I get about 16km/L on my Camry driving around the city. Seems to be a great investment, especially when getting stuck in traffic I don't have to waste gas idling.
2011 Toyota Venza
I bought the 4 cylinder AWD Venza and loves it. Its great on gas for a SUV, smooth ride and nice interior finish. Highly recommended. The V6 will give you a little bit more power but surprisingly the 4 cylinder has more than enough horse power to ...
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2011 Scion tC
First Impressions are very important but follow through and professionalism is critical during a vehicle purchase especially when an Aftermarket Design kit is involved to complete the purchase. I knew I was in great hands with Ahmed Aboushaaban from ...
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2008 Toyota Sienna
I love this car!